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During hot summers in the Philippines, my mom, Rowena, and her brother, Robert, were set free to explore the farms in their province.

They wandered around, passing by the family’s rice fields, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes. Farmers riding on carts pulled by caribou passed by. They hunted for wild fruit, and when they couldn’t find any, they swiped sweet snacks from their neighbors farms, right off the branch.

Hearts pounding as they dashed away with their bounty, this was the peak of exhilaration.

Ro Ro is about experiencing childlike, unabashed joy — even as adults.
We’re about feeling the pure invincibility that Rowena and Robert felt as they ran through the farms of their home province
in the Philippines. Ro Ro is about the rush
of sweet indulgence through the lens of
a mischievous childhood.

*my mom and dad
(*aka not my uncle)

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